Fieldsports Britain – Super High Birds

The last of the season’s stratospheric pheasants: we are at Warter Priory in Yorkshire with high-bird specialist Ross Neville to enjoy some spectacular shooting. Also, as the pheasant season draws to a close in the UK, we visit a field trial on Paul Childerley’s shoot in Bedfordshire. And we go to the school in Sussex where the headmaster encourages the kids to shoot. There is News and there is Hunting YouTube. It’s the outstanding over-and-under and super side-by-side episode 375 of #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ Warter Priory
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▶ Field trial
Paul Childerley’s website is
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▶ West Rise Junior School


Watch Channel 4’s film:

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Hunt sabs
Famous Grouse
Dead deer
Mighty kick
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Here are the #YouTube links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Glens Hunting & Shooting
County Deer Stalking
Antler Addicts
Klaus Demmel
Ulrik Orskov
John Gonzalez

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