Fieldsports Britain – Seagull Attack

Gulls divebomb David and our young reporter Alex as they brave the mean streets of Eastbourne carrying burgers. These birds are a menace! So what’s on offer if you want to get rid of gulls? You must not shoot gulls (apart from the lesser blackbacked gull). You can, however, prick their eggs and send up hawks to scare them away. We ask pest controllers if it is time to put gulls back on the quarry list. Plus, take time off from your Mediterranean holiday to head into the hills and go shooting. Tim Pilbeam is in southern Spain, and he books a local agent to provide him with highseat mouflon and wild boar shooting. There is News, there is Hunting YouTube, there is no better telly on the telly than #FieldsportsBritain, out every week.

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