Fieldsports Britain – how to blow 24,000 rounds

A gang of us head to France where gun company Browning has laid on all its latest products – shotguns and rifles – and a massive 24,000 rounds of ammunition. All we have to do is burn through it, and make sure those shotguns and rifles work. Among the kit on test are the forthcoming X-Bolt McMillan stock, the new Winchester SX4, the B725 Pro Sport and a range of Kite optics. Also on hand to help us are experts Raniero Testa and Benoît Baudouin.

That’s not all. How do you shoot an elephant? We go on a course in South Africa with Lennart Ljungfelt, head of Swedish gun sights manufacturer Aimpoint, to learn the risks. There is a white muntjac in News, there is ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and lots of deer in Hunting YouTube. It’s another packed #FieldsportsBritain

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White muntjac
Jedforest Hunt case
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