Fieldsports Britain – Shoot Straighter

‘Anyone who shoots with an eye closed is guessing’. That’s the conclusion of top shotgun coach Nick Penn. Eye dominance is rubbish, he says, as he presents his five steps to shooting heaven. That’s not all. Olympic shooting gold medallist Peter Wilson appeals to his shooting federation not to destroy his sport of double trap, big game hunting leads the News Stump, and gundog trainer Gilly Nickols explains how she wants a dog to deliver a bird and how to achieve that. Lots to learn in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ Nick Penn shooting

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▶ Peter Wilson

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▶ Gilly Gundogs

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Big game hunting discussion
Roy Lupton at the Game Fair Theatre. For tickets go to
Blueberry River First Nations
Cyprus Hunting Federation κοκ & δαζ
Qatari Falconry Society
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