Fieldsports Britain – Cheap Rifle Buyers’ Guide

Cheap rifles – are they worth it? Tim Pilbeam says yes, as long as you look out for a few key aspects of the rifle you want to buy. He talks through the possible pitfalls in a cheap rifle. Meanwhile, the Jack Pyke Pro Sporting clayshoot attracted 800 people last week. That’s an incredible figure for a shoot that isn’t a major classic. What’s the secret of its success? We meet up with shooters including Andy Crow to find out. News Stump has a poaching case and more anti action, while wild boar lead the charge on Hunting YouTube. It’s essential weekly viewing: #FieldsportsBritain

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 Jack Pyke

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▶ News is sponsored by Percussion Here are the stories:
US hunting TV star caught ‘wasting elk’
British sporting sculptures
Wildlife Services
New rifle/scope combo
Kevin Pietersen
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