Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s Big Pigeon Day

Andy Crow is committed to producing vegetarian meals. He is out with Brody Woollard and other friends to make a dent in the pigeon population that has flattened more than 70 acres of his crops. After a day’s hard shooting, they make a bag of more than 500, all of them picked. Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is off to meet the UK’s finest catapult maker, Gilly Nickols is getting her dog to stay in touch with her (during a long retrieve),’ ‘Hallo Charlie!’ has a big fox haul from Australia, the News Stump leads on problem geese at a Cambridge college, and the best hunting films on YouTube this week in Hunting YouTube.

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▶ Pigeons
Jack Pyke
Decoying kit from UKShootWarehouse
Cartridges from
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▶ Catapults

▶ Gundogs
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▶ News is sponsored by Percussion Here are the stories:
Cambridge goose glut
RSPCA seeks police powers
Irish gull cull
Lebanon brings back birdshooting:
US lifts trophy ban
Squealing Pig faces down antis
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Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:

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