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Roy Lupton is no ordinary sportsman. He is off foxshooting this evening. But first he is caring for the falcons he is breeding, which are hopping around his front room, and nipping people’s fingers. Once they are fed and happy, he loads up the rifle and thermal imaging equipment to go and look for a fox that has been dining on this year’s fallow deer fawns. The thermal shows up half a dozen foxes. Find out how he gets on.

That’s not all. Rob Gearing describes how his bipod business Spartan Precision Engineering is doing. Charlie previews the Game Fair Theatre, David is on the News Stump and Hunting YouTube rounds up the best hunting and shooting films this week on YouTube.

Here are the links:

▶ Roy on foxes

For more about Pulsar thermal imagers, visit

▶ Javelin Bipods

For more about Javelin Bipods, visit

▶ Game Fair Theatre

For the Game Fair, go to

▶ News is sponsored by Percussion
For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:



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