Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s Roe Reaction

Roy Lupton has roebuck hunting on his mind. With the roe rut around the corner, he takes his buttolo call out for a try and gets good reactions from the local roe deer population – and a shot. Meanwhile, Andy Crow is off to see his new Crow-branded Clear Pigeon cartridges come off the Gamebore production line; lots of Fieldsports Channel viewers attend the Blaser Sporting free rifle range day; and the NRA hosts the ‘Wimbledon of shooting’, its annual fullbore targetshooting championship, the Queen’s Prize. David on the News Stump and Hunting YouTube means it all adds up to a full week for #FieldsportsBritain in this, our 400th show.

Here are the links:

▶ Roy on Roe

For Roy’s Sauer 404, visit
For Leica sport optics go to

▶ Crow’s New Cartridges

For more about the Clear Pigeon cartridges, visit

▶ Blaser Sporting Day


For more on Blaser, Mauser, Sauer and Minox, go to
For Braces of Bristol, visit
Artemis Hunting
WMS Firearms Training

▶ The Queen’s Prize


For the NRA, visit

▶ News is sponsored by Percussion
Gordon Ramsay’s snake
North Assynt Estate
The Game Fair
Big ibex
WWF vs tiger poachers
For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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