Fieldsports Britain – Rifles that come in packages

Tim Pilbeam is looking at a new rifle package on the market that’s pitched at gamekeepers. It has the Sauer 101 and Minox scope at its heart – and he likes it. Meanwhile, Dean Strangeway shows our reporter Alex Howell around the solar farm that’s at the heart of his shoot in Hampshire – and explains what a blessing it is. And Emberleaf knifemaker Joel Andreas shows how to use a gritstone to sharpen a knife. There is News and there is Hunting YouTube. Welcome to #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links:

▶ Tim Pilbeam

For the Sauer Keeper package (Sauer 100 XT in .223 + Minox scope + mounts + Barton Gunworks moderator, £2100) go to
For the Remington 783 package, talk to
Build your own Howa rifle here:

▶ Shooting over solar farms

▶ Knife sharpening

For more from Emberleaf, go to

▶ News is sponsored by Percussion
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For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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