Fieldsports Britain – The Pheasants Arrive

The pheasants have arrived at Paul Childerley’s shoot. He gets busy settling them in to their new home and starting preparations for the pheasant shooting season in a couple of months time. Meanwhile, Roy is going deaf – and it’s shooting that’s to blame. He looks into what to do about it – and how he should have prevented it in the first place. Following dog thefts around the country especially of trained gundogs, we have top tips on dog security from the people at, there is the News Stump, and Hunting YouTube offers the best of the week’s crop of hunting films on YouTube. It is all in this episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Roy’s going deaf

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Poor year for grouse
BBC Radio 4 Today talks shooting
Irish presidential hopeful is past chairman of the Hunting Association of Ireland
Pakistani actress Jahan Ara speaks up for tiger hunting
Norwegian polar bear shot
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