Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s pigeon happy place

Combine-harvesting is both rewarding and mental torture for Andy Crow. He is getting the crops in – but he is seeing clouds and clouds of pigeons hitting his fields and, there he is, trapped in a cab. Step forward Fieldsports Channel. Our cameraman Carlos drags him from the combine and puts him in the pigeon hide, where he belongs. It’s a short step from there to happiness as Crow starts shooting pigeons. We’re also rounding up our current podcast series, we have David back on the News Stump and Charlie has both the latest Hunting YouTube and ‘Hallo Charlie!’, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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Fieldsports News
New general licences survey
Calor Gas gives £5,000 to LACS – website
Gloucestershire shooters winning the ‘boar war’
RSPCA kills shoot turkey – news story
Findhorn Bay wildfowling – Facebook and YouTube
Animal Liberation Front releases partridges – press release
Shooter saves fish from poachers
French approve bird trapping
American hunter can bring home lion trophy
Elk smashes into car
Cyclist killed avoiding magpie – YouTube
David Cameron shots ‘Boris’ – Daily Mail

Hunting YouTube

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