Fieldsports Britain – Roebuck Bullet Test

Paul brings his new bullets home from the Sako factory to try them out on British roebuck. He has a cull buck to take in the south-east of England and the Sako Gamehead Pro could be just the job. Meanwhile, the partridge shooting season is underway. In an unusual twist, Charlie joins a group of fox shooters from the FoxstoppersUK Facebook group as they enjoy a driven partridge day in Derbyshire – but are they any good? Aaron takes on a big week on the News Stump and Charlie has the latest Hunting YouTube round-up up of hunting films on YouTube this week. It is all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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For more about Sako, visit
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For Sako’s UK distributor, go to
Paul wears Shooterking clothing
To go shooting with Paul Childerley, visit
For still pictures from Paul’s trip to the factory, go to


For FoxstoppersUK on Facebook, go to
Here’s the water drinker that the picker-upper is using:

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▶ Fieldsports News
New Welsh general licences – Fieldsports News
Ratshooter nicked – Coventry Telegraph
Foxshooter shoots spaniel – Matlock Mercury
Firearms offence TV chef wins case – restaurant website
Target Sprint 2019 final – website
Win a @winchestereurope rifle – Instagram
BBC features Long Netter – Facebook
Farmer Sy Jennings on Channel 4’s The Circle – Instagram
Ban meat says London barrister – Daily Mail
RSPCA chief quits over veganism – Daily Mail
Finland releases forest reindeer – website
Norway says no to wolf hounds – website
Europe pushes ahead with lead shot ban – website
Turtle dove massacre in Morocco – YouTube
CITES as bad as poachers says Namibia – YouTube
Zambia trophy cash scandal – website
Kardashians worry antelope – should they be put down? – YouTube
Cougar found in Californian bathroom – Facebook
Rambo’s favourite hunting bow revealed – YouTube
China detains FedEx pilot for airgun pellet possession
First China hunting festival – website
Danish toy company Lego features hunting – YouTube
Greatest Photoshop battles ever – Facebook

Hunting YouTube

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