Fieldsports Britain – A Mouth full of Meatloaf

Andy Crow is out to stop pigeons hitting a maize crop – and sometimes that means there’s nowhere to put the meatloaf. He is decoying and shooting pigeons with Frederic Hanner on a farm in Kent. Meanwhile, we ask the question: what’s the most effective catapult ammunition for shooting birds and animals? Wayne Martin tests out his theories on ballistic gel. David presents the news on the News Stump, and Charlie brings you Hunting YouTube, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Fieldsports News
DEFRA hunting tourism consultation – press release
DEFRA hunting tourism consultation
DEFRA hunting tourism call for evidence
UK election – Fieldsports News
Manchester to host the British Shooting & Countryman Show – Fieldsports News
Mountain hare numbers up – BBC
Sab posts anti hunt video – Facebook
DEFRA spent £300,000 on badger cull GPS – The Guardian
Cash seized from criminals used to protect birds of prey – BBC
Danish hunting party detained in Poland – Aske Rif’s Instagram
Wild boar protest in Rome
Fake rhino horn technique – BBC
Danish Zoo hit by poachers – news story
Norwegian wolves from Paris zoo – news story
Hunting dog killed by wolf – news story
Deer car crash – news story
BBC shows dog catching rabbit by mistake – Facebook
Swiss ibex hunt defence – Vimeo
Irish sabs raise money for car – funding website
Findhorn Bay wildfowling dispute – news story
Rabbit-sized deer found in Vietnam – CNN
Dachshund dug out with excavator
Maine lobstermen catch deer

Hunting YouTube

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