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We’re all in the cooler now. And bushcraft experts Jonny Crockett, Cai Ap Bryn and Sergio Couto show us how to make the best of it. Cai is making a venison bone broth, Jonny picks hedgerow plants to add to it, and Sergio has helped set up a new UK-wide service delivering game meat to keyworkers. We put out our feelers abroad, too. How are hunters around d the world coping? In France, they aren’t allowed to hunt, in Sweden, hunting looks like it’s about to become compulsory, and we have a report from China where the worst of the virus has passed. Plus we have something to keep you occupied at home. It’s our giant kit survey with a prize pot already topping £600-worth of goodies. David is on the News Stump, there’s a C-19 version of ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and Charlie himself has Hunting YouTube, all in this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Cai’s bone broth

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Fieldsports News
Coronavirus hits shooting
Packham’s pandemic prediction – Facebook
Shooterking offers 500 protective suits for free – Fieldsports News
Capgen 1: Love Island hunter back in the news – YouTube
Gamekeepers put out Peak District heather fire – Facebook
Sussex estate reintroduces beavers – website
Scottish gamekeepers build osprey nest – Facebook
Game dealers set standards for shoots – website
Irish trawlers kept at harbour – RTE
Is fishing for fun bad for the planet? – website
Safari Club lawyer set for top conservation spot – SCI
Tourist rides help elephants – PDF
Panther mauls turkey hunter – Facebook
Black rhinos flourish – Guardian
Lions on the loose after killing Zimbabwe man – Facebook
Suburban deer spotted after night on the town – Facebook
How to self-isolate without losing your mind: Wildfowling on Facebook and fishing on Facebook

Hunting YouTube

For our gun and hunting YouTube channel rankings visit

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