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In the big country of North Yorkshire, top rabbit man Simon Whitehead has a rabbit problem. His problem is: what’s the best steel shot to shoot them? All his life, he has used lead shot, but now he wants to look at alternatives. He puts steel cartridges up against lead cartridges to find out. Staying in Yorkshire, a film went up on YouTube a couple of weeks ago showing a gang of guys out rough shooting and making almost every mistake you can with a shotgun. Charlie and Tim Weston from the National Gamekeeper’s Organisation use the film as the basis for the Code of BAD Shooting Practice. It’s the wildfire season across the UK. Andrew Gilruth from the GWCT and Amanda Anderson from the Moorland Association explain the problem and the politics. And Paul Childerley produces a piece about Chinese water deer heads and what makes a good one. David is on the News Stump and Charlie has Hunting YouTube to round up this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Cartridges used:
Hull Steel Game 32g 4-shot
Hull Steel Game Extra 28g 5-shot
Gamebore Bespoke 32g 5-shot lead
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Code of Bad Shooting Practice

Here is the offending video
Report wildlife crime in West Yorkshire here
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Bargain Hunter

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Moorland Association
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Chinese water deer

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How coronavirus is affecting shooting

Fieldsports News
Wild Justice aims at Welsh general licences – Crowd Justice
Shooters back NHS charity raffles: John Rothery, Jack Pyke, The Shooting Diary
Qualify as a GWCT ‘shoot operator’ for free – GWCT
Poaching incidents in Gloucestershire – Twitter
Sell guns on the roadside, says USA – Time
New hunting land for Americans – press release
Hounds racing and dancing huntsmen now a ‘thing’ – here and here

Hunting YouTube

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