Fieldsports Britain – thermal safari

Imagine a wildlife park where you can eat the antelope. There is one – and it’s in Norfolk. Watatunga Wildlife Reserve outside King’s Lynn is home to rare species including hog deer, lechwe and sitatunga plus birds such as the great bustard. The park takes a realistic view of deer and antelope management, so you can eat culled animals on the park. Paul Childerley takes a look around and tries out the latest iRay thermal spotter, to see how good he is at spotting species. Meanwhile, Tom Davies is on a safari of a different sort, calling in roe deer in Devon. Today, he and Charlie try out all kinds of calls from squeaky dog call to Swanee whistle to see what effect they have on the roe. Amazement is one reaction. We look into the future of rhino and elephants if antis such as Carrie Johnson have her way. It’s bleak. Plus we are giving away £625 of FORM custom rifle stock, and we have links to our report from the Worlds at EJ Churchill, and an interview with French pro-hunting marvel Richard sur Terre. David brings you the news from the News Stump and Charlie has his selection of the best hunting and shooting videos from YouTube in Hunting YouTube. Keep it #FieldsportsBritain

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