Fieldsports Britain – big spring squirrel hunt

We’re saving woodland, saving wildlife and saving wonga in this week’s show. A squirrel shoot is a good way to do all three, as invasive grey squirrels damage trees, devour songbird eggs and cost shoots money by munching their way through pheasant feed. David joins Jack Feaver on a shoot in Sussex where the guns bag 50 of the animals, and end the day with a delicious barbecue. Meanwhile, Dave the Dog Templar is back and this time he is showing how to help a dog mount a bitch. If you are serious about puppies, this is the film that will show you what to do. News correspondent Deborah Hadfield investigates a police firearms licensing system in meltdown. We are giving away a Stalkers’ Mate from Keith’s High Seats. David has the latest from the news stump and Charlie brings you Hunting YouTube. It’s #FieldsportsBritain and it’s full of the joys of spring.


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