Fieldsports Britain – what gamekeepers do in the summer

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Your local gamekeeper brings life into the world with the pheasants hatching and growing up. He or she protects other wildlife from predation by shooting foxes and catching magpies. He or she is part of a social fabric that means the countryside can live and breathe. Working gamekeeper Geoff Garrod looks at his job and hopes it will be there for his son to do, too. We’re also looking at the problems facing shoots this year with the lack of gamebirds available because of bird flu in France. And we visit a new catapult range in Sussex, where you can hone your skills in one of the noblest (and most maligned) shooting sports. We’re giving away a £285 Reolink security/(trailcam and two tickets to ‘gin school priced at £160, David speaks like the thunder god he is from the news stump and James Marchington trips out the top hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s another fabulous  #FieldsportsBritain


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