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A lot of foxes fall over in this week’s episode, which asks the question: what’s happened to foxshooting in recent years? Gamekeeper’s Diary legend Geoff Garrod tells the story of foxshooting and predator control by gamekeepers from early fox drivers, via lamping, to the thermal scopes of today. Plus we look at innovation from Africa: a predator-hunting set-up on the back of a bakkie that will have you reaching for your welding kit (or the number of a friend who welds). News correspondent Deborah Hadfield is investigating deer road traffic accidents. There’s a deer hit by a car in England every seven minutes. And in our Fieldtester film this week, Ian Hodge reveals the most popular PCP airguns at his shop Ian hodge Fieldsports. We’re giving away a bit of foxhunting history: the commemorative print of the #WestminsterEight bursting in to the chamber of the House of Commons. David brings good news about hen harriers from the news stump and James Marchington offers the top hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in #FieldsportsBritain


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