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Are there more deer than ever before? Deerstalker Tom Davies says yes, as he heads out to shoot fallow prickets and sorrels for his game meat business. He is on Dartmoor, where the fallow population is climbing and climbing. We have two news features this week. What’s the future of the Kennel Club’s relationship with gundog trainers? One trainer, Steve Moran, says it is bleak. The KC answers his charges. Meanwhile, Ben O’Rourke revisits the zoo which lost a lynx that got shot, and then the zoo dobbed in the shooter. Now they want their own firearms team. But things aren’t going well. They have lost their zoo licence and replaced their lions with rabbits.We’re giving away a Bug-A-Salt fly shotgun, David is on the news stump in, of all places, Lapland, and James Marchington has the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. Keep it #FieldsportsBritain


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