Fieldsports Britain – Fishing with schools, foxing and pheasants, episode 82

We have fishing, foxing, pheasants, the Clay Classic and an IPC award-winning clay ground in this week’s programme. We are with fishing expert Charles Jardine looking at his special love, the Fishing With Schools initiative, which is backed by the Countryside Alliance. We are at the Marlston Shoot on the Berkshire Downs admiring their superb pheasants, which are on offer through The quick brown fox jumps through a remarkable gap in a stock fence – and our foxing expert Roy Lupton is there to investigate. And we are at the Oxford Gun Company which won the IPC Magazine Shooting Industry award this year for best clay ground – so we are there to ask what makes it so good. Now really – how much of this would you see on ordinary telly?

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Fishing for schools

▶ Oxford Gun Company


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