Fieldsports Britain – 1940’s film stars and the extraordinary Tunny Club

Which was bigger – the 851lb Bluefin Tuna caught off Scarborough in 1933 or the 852lb Bluefin caught in 1949? According to the Tunny Club it was the 851lb’er. Our half-hour Fieldsports Britain programme explains how that works, plus we tell the story of how the mighties of the day – David Niven, Errol Flynn and Lord Rothschild – came to catch massive tunny off the east coast of Yorkshire, and how those days are back off Donegal.

That’s not all:
* We’re trying to shoot ten species in a single day in the Borders
* We show the top Christmas presents for both coarse anglers and flyfishers
* We’re learning how to shoot walked-up game at the West London Shooting School (we need the lessons)

* And our expert falconer Roy Lupton shows how he makes jesses for his goshawks


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