Fieldsports Britain – First grouse of 2011, 30lb salmon, 21 foxes

First grouse of the season, a 30lb salmon, 21 foxes in a night, antis behaving badly and Countryside Alliance Foundation bringing game cookery to urban England – it is again the best of British sport in this week’s Fieldsports Britain. With the help of a speedy Subaru Outback, we’re putting grouse, venison and salmon on a plate by 11.30am on the Glorious Twelfth with chef Neil McGown of the East Haugh House Hotel at Pitlochry – and he’s catching and shooting them too. We’re out in southern England with legendary foxshooter and falconer Roy Lupton on a red-letter night. And Lee Maycock of the Game to Eat initiative is teaching the chefs of tomorrow at Hertford Regional College about cooking game meat. He even has a quick recipe for ‘cooking’ venison in a freezer that you’ll like – it’s all in this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links:

▶ Glorious Twelfth

For more on the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat initiative go to GametoEat

▶ Roy’s big night 


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