Make your rifle perfect – Fieldtester, episode 12

We’re all about shooting sticks for shooting deer, extraction kit for hauling the carcase home, and a beginner’s guide to mounts. David hosts, Tim Pilbeam and Roy Lupton chat, and all three of them try a variety of modern shooting kit. It’s the new episode of Fieldtester – the Gadget Show for shooting sports. Meanwhile, James Marchington is off to the NSRA at Bisley to find out about batch-testing ammunition – how ammo manufacturer RWS makes sure you ammo is ‘of quality’.

Here is the kit showcased in this show:



  • Spartan Sentinel, as used by Tim (comes with a fifth leg, too)
  • Homemade quad sticks, as used by Roy
  • Primos sticks, as used by Cai
  • Viperflex sticks, as used by Jason
  • Jakele sticks, as used by Charlie



  • Tatonka backpack, as used by Cai. See our full film here
  • Homemade trolleys, as used by Tim
  • Logic timber hauler, as used by Niall 


Batch testing ammo



Find out the difference between a Weaver mount and a Picatinny rail. We try out Tier 1, Burris and the Aimpoint Acro C-2 with the new QR mount for a Tikka T3x.

Here are the links to the individual items in this show:

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