Shooting hearing protection – can Roy hear a morris dancer? – Fieldtester, episode 6

In this month’s Fieldtester show, we talk hearing protection. Tim Pilbeam and Roy Lupton get together with David to test what they can hear – not just how loud but what kinds of noises, from rustling twigs to running moose… to morris dancers’ bells. That’s not all. We also talk hunting clothing sizes. A military tailor measures up off-the-peg jackets for us to find out if a ‘large’ these days is actually a ‘small’. Johnny Muston from R&K Stockcraft looks at the difference between trajectories of a .22 and a .177 airgun pellet. And Nigel Winkle from Ridgeline’s UK distributor Highland Outdoors talks about the UK-designed Ridgeline Monsoon jacket. And look out for David dressed as a morris dancer.

Incidentally, if you are sffering from tinnitus, Fieldsports member Chris Donaldson recommends this article in The Times

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