Fishing Britain – Sea Fishing with a Rock Star

Charlie is out on the Mersey trying his hand at LRF from Gary Flint’s charter boat Discovery and there is an unexpected VIP guest on board.

Mark ‘Willows’ Williams Takes on the Fishing Britain Target.
And Veniard’s have delivered another mystery packet of quality fly tying materials for Hywel’s 120 challenge and this week he is in South West Wales at Garnffrwd Fishery.

Big D is here with the Fishing Britain NEWS with these head lines:
There is a rich new source of fishing heritage online.
✩ About 1,000 fish, mostly trout, have been found dead in the Oona River near Dungannon, County Tyrone.
✩ Do you recognise this stolen fishing gear?
✩ A group of beachcasters in Florida have hooked and landed what may be the biggest fish ever caught from the shore in the USA.
✩ A kayaker had a surprise when he hooked an alligator.

And starstruck Charlie is back with all the latest and greets clips From the fishing parts of YouTube. Here are the links:

Simon Taylor:


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