Administered by Fieldsports Channel, the fund makes small grants to people who stick up for hunting, shooting and fishing online and in the wider media. For example, if someone travels to London to argue in favour of hunting with Piers Morgan on his TV show, it will pay their travel costs.

Launched at the British Shooting Show 2018, and including funds raised at the 2018 Irish Game Fair, the fund has raised


from the sale of good kindly provided by sponsors including Shooterking, Jack Pyke, Browning and Magic Safari Lodges . It has so far made grants of:


To apply for a grant, email Charlie Jacoby with links to what you have done, a short explanation and why you should receive a grant.

To make a donation, please follow this link:

To raise money, we run fundraising events all over the UK, including jumble sales where we sell off kit donated by our advertisers.


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