We put brands in front of more than 20 million unique viewers in 2020.

YouTube has a bigger audience of hunters & shooters than all of the hunting & shooting cable TV channels & magazines put together.

FSTV for small businesses

Finding, targeting and retaining your marketing audience can be extremely difficult for small businesses who are trying to carve out their niche in Europe’s hunting and fieldsports sector.

You can spend vast amounts of money on websites, Facebook ads, Google ads, magazine ads, brand ambassadors, market research and more in a bid to chase sales. But are any of these strategies REALLY working?

It doesn’t need to be expensive and it doesn’t need to be hard-work.

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We strive to help small businesses reach wider audiences

FSC for brands, importers and distributors

In over a decade the Fieldsports Channel team have built up the largest, most engaged hunting, shooting and fieldsports audience in Europe.


1m views per month, 330k subscribers


236k engagements per month, 200k+followers




25k monthly users


2.5 million views per month, 280k subscribers


236k engagements per month, 71k+followers




25k monthly users

What can we do for your brand?

It’s not about advertising. Magazines are dead. It’s about content: creating a story that delights, enthrals and inspires your audience to take action and find out more about your brand or products.

How can you get involved with Fieldsports Channel?

In 2020, we launched Fieldtester, our programme dedicated to testing and reviewing the latest outdoor gear designed for hunting and shooting sports. We work alongside leading UK B2B and B2C businesses to develop unique and engaging content which can be used via our platforms and their own. We offer different ways to get involved tailored to suit every marketing budget. Email james@fieldsportschannel.tv  or dan@fieldsportschannel.tv for more details.
We work alongside some of the world’s leading fieldsports brand ambassadors as part of our weekly flagship Fieldsports Britain programme.  If you’re a brand looking for a new face to showcase your products to your target demographic, get in touch and we can work with you to identify the right person for the job and support the creation of a content marketing strategy. Email james@fieldsportschannel.tv  for more details.

You tell us what product, service or deal you want to promote and we create content to run in our show and across our social media platforms driving viewers to your point of sale. A quick and easy way to promote your flash sale items to tens of thousands of viewers each week. Email dan@fieldsportschannel.tv for more details.

What to know more about your target audience? What product does the market like best and why? What does the fieldsports community think of X,Y, Z? Let us leverage our network to deliver you unrivalled, real-time market insights.

If you want us to carry out a specific survey get in touch. Email james@fieldsportschannel.tv 

What is the best way to acquire an audience? Which social media channels should you be focusing on? Who are your buyer personas? What is the market doing? What are your competitor strengths and weaknesses? Where are the market opportunities? Order an independent review of your brands’ digital marketing performance and give your marketing and sales team the competitive edge. Email james@fieldsportschannel.tv 

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