Gruesome shooting accident leads to Gwent Police gun grab

It was a shooting accident on a farm in the Forest of Dean late at night. The police and the ambulance service were magnificent. Gloucestershire Constabulary took a week to investigate and rule that the two people out shooting were not at fault. Unfortunately, those two people, Mark Wise and Gareth Davies, live in Gwent. Gwent Police decided to seize their firearms and hold its own investigation. Nearly six months later, Gwent still holds their firearms and is refusing to return Mark’s calls about the results of that investigation.

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Police grab air rifles from pest controller and charge him

Professional pest controller Daniel Maddock has lost the tools of his trade and denied, for the moment at least, permission to own another. After applying for a firearms certificate in January 2024, because his boss wanted him to start taking on deer management jobs, he had a home visit by two officers from Police Scotland. He thought they were there to assess his security. Instead, they had come to charge him for ‘lying’ on his medical records.

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