Headhunter Chronicles – Bow Hunting Lion & Rhino

Bowhunting lions and rhinos, shooting elephants and buffalo this week on Headhunter Chronicles. Well, what do you think? Animal rights groups have been attacking media personalities for hunting lions in the last few weeks. First it was Sportsman Channel’s Melissa Bachman, then it was Toy Story’s R Lee Ermey, now here’s Jason Bruce from the popular series Headhunter Chronicles, also shown on Sportman Channel. He is after some of Africa’s biggest animals in this film – a rogue elephant, a lion with bow and arrow, a buffalo and even a rhino. So what do you the Fieldsports Channel hunter/shooter/country-lover viewer think? Do we draw a line below lions? Or do the $100,000s they cost to hunt bring conservation benefits that Africa can’t do without? And are all creatures brothers and sisters under God? Feel free to comment below…

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