High Pheasants: Upperwood Estate

Close-up, slow-motion photography reveals just how much lead a high pheasant needs, as Andy Crow goes shooting in Yorkshire on of the UK’s specialist high-pheasant shoots, Upperwood Estate. It is a Jack Pyke day – and he is there to shoot the Jack Pyke catalogue, too. Expect banter.

Crow is shooting at the Upperwood Estate, which is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pheasant.dynasty/
The day was organised by Jack Pyke http//www.jackpyke.co.uk
Cartridges by Gamebore www.gamebore.com
Blaser F16 from www.blaser-sporting.com
CrowHow is also sponsored by UKSHootWarehouse www.ukshootwarehouse.com

This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 417. To watch the whole show go to Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain417

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