In the Cornish countryside, Fieldsports meets feature filmmaking. At an open day to celebrate the extension to Ian Hodge’s shop, my film crew came along too. Many of you will know me as a news correspondent for Fieldsports Channel but I am also a film director. We will be shooting a scene of my new feature film in the autumn.

Feature Film crew called in to the Ian Hodge Open Day in Cornwall with Director Deborah Hadfield
Deborah's crew learned how to capture clay pigeon shooting

Director Deborah Hadfield says what is great about seeing the clay pigeons in action is we understand how to make things safe. 

She says: ”It’s wonderful because it means that we can be safe and authentic, particularly because we’re working with Fieldsports Channel TV. We want to make sure everything in the movie reflects real life.” 

She says there will also be a bit of movie magic. She says: “What we show on screen needs to be very safe and fun. We want to make it entertaining for the people of Cornwall, too.”

Director of Photography Chris Bartle takes test footage of shooting for the film, The Chocolate Club

Ian Hodge of Ian Hodge Fieldsports & Shooting Supplies, says he agreed to help with the movie as he is a film fan. He says: “I love the making of films and how they can do it and make things seem real when they’re not.” He says it’s exciting to have part of a film made on his land. He says: “Not sure I’m going to be a star, but I’ll be in the background.”

Shooting was the focus of the open day with suppliers meeting custmers

It wasn’t all about the costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the props. The open day was all about shooting, and it attracted suppliers. Richard Ryan, of Hikmicro, says people are interested and a lot of existing users are taking a look. He says: “ People are asking questions, bringing their own products to check and say, Is this right? They are also asking questions about what we have got coming out. We can’t say too much, but in  the next couple of months you’ll see a few products that really shake up the industry in terms of performance and price point. Also, completely new products that people haven’t seen before. So, we’re excited about that.”

Devon & Cornwall Police did variations at the open day


Devon & Cornwall Police attended, to help with variations. Devon & Cornwall firearms licensing has been the subject of Fieldsports news feature after news feature in the last couple of years. Is it now providing a good service? 

Ian says fortunately, the police have now been listening. He says: “With the help of Fieldsports Channel TV, gun shops and the Gun Trade Association, we managed to galvanize Devon and Cornwall police and they are helping us quite a bit now.” Ian is delighted the police attended the open day.


Deborah's film did a technical reccie in preparation for the movie which will shoot in Cornwall in Autumn

Back to the glamour of the movies and Ian and his team have agreed to help with my feature film. Director Deborah Hadfield says her film The Chocolate Club is Love Actually meets Bridget Jones Diary. She says: “Seven Strangers searching for faith, hope, love, and chocolate at a Cornish support group. I’ve decided to set it at Christmas, because most of my favourite films, including A Wonderful Life, Love, actually About Time, often they have a Christmas festive element. “ Deborah says the movie is her love letter to Cornwall and Cornish people who have given her team a warm welcome.

Mick Moore set up the clay pigeon shoot for the open day and will be doing it for the movie too

Mick Moore of Pawton Gate Farm Shoot provided the clay pigeons for the shoot. He is excited to be involved with the film. 

Deborah says: “I think there’s something about Christmas that brings out the joy and the fun in life, really. It gives an excuse to celebrate being alive. And I think also on the back of the DVD, I’d be saying this is my love letter to Cornwall and also to the Cornish people that are making us so welcome.”

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