Jack Pyke wellington boots – review

Wellies are essential in the countryside, but you want different types of welly boot for different situations. Fieldsports Channel’s Jason Doyle runs through the Jack Pyke range of wellies and explains what’s what. “For a formal occasion like a driven shoot, the Ashcombe Zipped Wellington is ideal,” he says. “The zip makes it easy to get the boot on and off, and there’s a lug on the heel to help with taking them off.”

The zipped wellie looks the part on a formal shoot

If you don’t like the zip style, there’s the Ashcombe Gusset Wellington, with a gusset at the top and a strap that you can tighten around the calf. “This one’s ideal if you have larger calves, but it also allows you to tighten the top of the welly which helps stop your socks falling down,” Jason says.

Next in the range is the Ashcombe Neoprene Wellington, which comes in three colours: brown, green and camo. “They’re a little bit lighter because they don’t have so much rubber, and they’re also considerably cheaper,” Jason explains. “These are a general purpose welly, ideal for farming, dog walking, fishing, that sort of thing. They’re light weight and really comfortable.”

The gusset works well with shooting socks, and can accommodate larger calves

Then there’s the shorter Ankle Wellie Boots, which come in brown or green. “These are great in the summer, or anywhere you want boots you can just slip on and off in a second. They’re totally waterproof, so it doesn’t matter if you’re walking through mud or dung in the farmyard. They’re really handy little boots and great value too.”

Prices are £45 for the Ankle Wellie Boots, £65 for the Ashcombe Neoprene, £69.95 for the Ashcombe Gusset and £79.95 for the Ashcombe Zipped Wellingtons.

Find out more at JackPyke.co.uk.

The neoprene model is a good all-round welly, lightweight, waterproof and good value

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