Leupold Alumina flip back rifle scope caps – review

Scope caps are a small thing, but they can make all the difference to a day’s deer stalking, as professional deer manager Mike Robinson explains.

“I spent ten hours on the hill in Scotland, in driving rain all day long. At the end of the day, when I finally came to shoot the hind and calf that I needed to cull, I just flicked the caps open and the scope was bright and clear, with no moisture and most importantly no fogging.”

Tiny magnets hold the scope cap closed until you flip it open

“If you have a Leupold scope I recommend you get the Leupold Alumina Flip Back lens covers. They are the best on the market.”

“They have neodymium magnets so they stay closed, and O-ring seals to keep out the elements. To open them you just put your thumb under the edge and flip them up. You can leave them up to take the shot, or push them down out of the way. Simple and effective.”

Mike Robinson recommends Leupold's Alumina caps

Prices from £69.99. Find out more at Vikingshoot.com and Leupold.com

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