Media Release: #YouTubeRewind 2016 – a massive year for hunting+shooting sports

It’s a good time to be a hunter on YouTube. While YouTube Rewind – best videos of 2016 showcases the top kids of the YouTube generation, YouTube is making waves across the whole of video entertainment. It’s the go-to place for specialist consumer shows, especially niche sports shows where the sport isn’t tied up with a TV rights deal.

That’s one of the reasons that YouTube has been a major hit with hunters. There are around 25 million sport hunters worldwide* and at least 80% of them watch YouTube. Several channels are now over the 100,000 subscribers mark. One of them, UK-based Fieldsports Channel, produces a long-form weekly show about hunting and shooting, plus other spin-off monthly shows and it reaches its audience of 8.6 million hunters and other viewers via the Google Adwords Shared Library.

“We are now the go-to choice for video ad creation for the whole of the European gun industry thanks to YouTube,” says host Charlie Jacoby. “YouTube has launched us as an independent production company ‘with benefits’. In 2017, we will expand into new advertiser markets including Australia and the USA.

“From a TV point of view, the numbers are staggering. We get more views per month than any single programme on Sky and most of what goes out on BBC TV, and we do it with a staff of six.”

*Fieldsports Channel #globalhuntingsurvey 2015
Notes to editors
Expect the latest YouTube Rewind video to appear around 10 December 2017 on
Fieldsports Channel launched on the Glorious 12th August 2009. It produces a range of TV shows including Fieldsports Britain, AirHeads, Fishing Britain and Claysports TV
It is a YouTube channel with 1 million+ views a month.
Its Google Ad Networks remarketing list (‘Shared Library’) tops 8.6 million.
It also achieves 3 million views a month in China via Youku (not recorded by SlateScore).
It is YouTube’s most trusted hunting channel with advertisers, according to SlateScore
To talk to Charlie Jacoby, tel +447850195353 or email
For free-use high-res jpegs from Fieldsports Channel, go to
For more, go to

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