Used by Fieldsports Channel’s Scandinavian viewers, who hunt deer and moose, the Norma Oryx is designed to knock down animals that have a reputation for being ‘armour-plated’. It is called the Oryx for that reason. The gemsbok is not an easy antelope to kill.

Fieldsports Channel surveyed its viewers about rifle ammunition in March 2020 and received 616 responses. Only five viewers name Norma Oryx as their favouriute ammunition and they are located in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and two in the UK.

They favour the heavy-hitting 180-grain round. Their calibres are at the heavy end, including .300 Win Mag, .308, .375H&H, and three of them with a .30-06. Available calibres go as low as .22-250, which has a 55-grain bullet suitable for varminting.

They give the ammunition high scores for killability and reliability, a slightly lower average score for accuracy and they feel it represents average value for money. All of them recomend the Norma Oryx.

It’s a big lump of lead, designed to work its hardest on impact. ‘The soft nose and jacket design create a massive mushrooming effect,’ says the manufacturer.

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Here are two films showing the Norma Oryx in action, including on on oryx:



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