Fieldsports Channel Ltd shares

Shares cost £10 each + £4 p&p (including VAT) per order.
Please select the number of shares you would like to buy.

We will send you your share certificate, made out in your name, which we hope you will proudly display. If you would like the certificate made out in a different name, please email details to or add them in ‘order notes’ during checkout.


If you buy 5 shares we will send you a warm Fieldsports Beanie

If you buy 9+ shares we will send you a stylish baseball cap

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need an Envestry account?
We are closing our subscription with Envestry. As a limited company, we no longer need the scrutiny of the Financial Conduct Authority, which Envestry sold us for £100+ per month. As a result, you don’t need your Envestry account, but we will keep on record the shareholders who passed the FCA test. 

Where do I see evidence of my shares?
As a shareholder, you are listed in the records of Fieldsports Channel Ltd at Companies House where you can order certified documents and certificates

When is the next shareholders meeting?
There is no statutory requirement in the Companies Act 2006 to hold either a board meeting of the directors and a general meeting of the members (shareholders or guarantors), with the exception of the first board meeting of the directors. That’s what most companies will tell you. Fieldsports Channel Ltd is different. We want our members and shareholders to help shape our programmes, and to help us to present hunting, shooting and fishing in positive films on YouTube and elsewhere. That means we want your opinion on what to do. To help with that, we send out a weekly email and TV show to members, many of whom are shareholders, and we send out the same occasionally to the rest of the shareholders, if it contains important information we think they will want to know. We also go to the British Shooting Show, the Game Fair, and we run Fieldsports Live at village halls around the UK, where you can come and talk to us.

When is the next shareholders report?
For details of how much we make and lose each year, you can find details on the companies house website at

How do I sell my shares?

As with any asset, if you would like to sell your shares, you have to find a buyer. We are not listed on an exchange such as AIM or the London Stock Exchange, due to the expense. We are considering setting up a bulletin board on where shareholders can list shares for sale. Before we do that, we want to reach our target of 300,000 shares sold.

What are my shares’ value?
As with any asset, it is what you can get for them. We are still selling them for £10 each


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