Rimfire Football

It’s our group test of rimfire rounds, with a little help from top shot Abbey Burton. Winchester has brought out its new 42 Max, a .22 subsonic with a 42-grain bullet. We put it up against the 40-grain subs from RWS, CCI, and Winchester and a 38-grain wildcard from Remington. Do different bullet types affect your zero? How far will each bullet punch a tennis ball? And what exactly is ‘Rimfire Football’?

This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 268. To watch the whole show go to Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain268

For more about Abbey, go to www.abbeyburtonclayshooting.co.uk

Here are the links to the companies that supplies the ammunition:
☆Winchester☆ www.winchester.com/Products/rimfire-ammunition/Pages/default.aspx
☆Remington☆ www.remington.com/product-families/ammunition/rimfire-families/22-rimfire.aspx
☆CCI☆ www.cci-ammunition.com/products/
☆RWS☆ rws-munition.de/en/sports/products/rimfire-cartridges.html