What’s the Fieldsports Nation been up to?

In England, an activist called Chris caused hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of damage to the countryside by getting lucky with a legal letter. We are fighting back. Click here

The RSPB and local government (and Chris) are trying to take over management of England’s uplands – and killing grouse in their tens of thousands. We are working to stop this. Click here

In France, we are delighted that the Government has slapped a €5,000 fine and a year in prison for hunt saboteurs. Why can’t we have this law in other countries? Click here

Charlie has been fighting the corner for the world’s true conservation heroes: the hunting tourists who support wildlife on the ground with their trophy fees. Click here

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Who are the Fieldsports Nation?

We’re the ones who make the countryside fantastic. We’re the ordinary people who manage the woodlands, uplands, hedgerows and heathlands – the bits either side of the roads, railways and footpaths, the beautiful green landscape beyond the streetlights. We can look at the birds or animals on our land and tell you accurately that there are not enough, too many, or about the right number – and we know what to do about it. We’re the ones for whom Fieldsports Channel is normal.

Who’s not in the Fieldsports Nation?

People who imagine the landscape was put their for their benefit by the railway companies, who think that wildlife displaced by people is rehomed by the council, who – if they think about it all – will tell you that birds and animals die in their beds surrounded by their grandchildren. People who have discovered that being a wildlife ‘lover’ makes them attractive to the opposite sex, whose idea of conservation is to issue a death threat to a real conservation hero.

What do we do?

We – all of us – represent the countryside to the world. For the first time in history, we are able to reach almost everyone in the world instantly. We can – all of us – do that, beyond the echo chamber of Facebook, and with a little help from Fieldsports Channel.


Interested in joining the Fieldsports Nation?

Thinking of spending more than £100? First thing to do its get yourself registered at fieldsports.envestry.com. Go there for details about the company and, if you want to, sign up and ‘pledge’. Here’s how:

For £5 a month, you can earn shares through Fieldsports Channel membership, via YouTube. Just £/$/€4.99 a month gets you Fieldsports Channel membership.


It comes with rewards.

5 shares – a warm Fieldsports Channel beanie


9 shares = a stylish baseball cap


16 shares = a gunmat


32 shares = a polo shirt + you get a gun mat


Plus you get Charlie’s behind-the-scenes vlog every week.

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Charlie moderates a TV debate about hunting in the European Parliament


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