Shooting Politics, episode 8, 25th November 2009

We’re at the Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter with London 2012 Olympic Skeet hopeful and team GB member Rory Warlow, BASC South-West director Jamie Stewart and David Stapley of Browning International and, among subjects we’re covering are:
Health & Safety Britain – are we going too far with shoot risk assessments?
What’s wrong with teaching young people to shoot and hunt?
A balloon debate: historically, who has been and who will be best and worst for fieldsports – the Conservatives, Labour or the LibDems.
Is it time to legalise driven muntjac shooting in order to try to slow the spread of this exotic deer as well as to provide Continental-style sport? Or do we not have the appetite for it in the UK?
What value the work of the angling and shooting organisations? Are they leading the charge against threats to our sport or have they simply been lucky in the last ten years?

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