A good rest will transform your accuracy with a rifle, and most shooters will use a bipod or sticks depending on their type of shooting.

Traditional rests can be fiddly and clumsy to carry and use, but Spartan has transformed all that with a modern range of modular supports that are lightweight and brilliantly designed.

Richard Ryan of distributor Raytrade explains how the system works. “Everything about the Spartan system is modular,” he says. “You’ve got the entry level Spartan Lite which retails at £127. That head can be used with quick-adjust bipod legs or with adjustable long sticks for standing or kneeling shots.”

He continues: “The bipod head slots into a fitting in the stock, where it’s held firmly by a magnet, so you’ve got something that is very rigid. The legs are made of carbon fibre which is of course lightweight and strong, but it also has the advantage of absorbing recoil incredibly well.”

A step up from the Lite head is the Pro Hunt, which has a clever design allowing the rifle to pivot left and right. Click it off and attach it the other way round, however, and it’s locked, with no pivoting movement. “The Pro Hunt is £286 retail,” says Richard. “It’s more because it locks open, and it’s got a different adjustment system.”

The Spartan is a truly modular system that you can build as you go. “You’ve got great little add-ons such as a tool kit that also clips onto a sucker to make a support for the roof or bonnet of your vehicle.”

The system also includes the Valhalla, the latest all-singing all-dancing tactical bipod with Picatinny rail adapter, and there’s even a camera adapter so you can build your own tripod with long or short legs.

“There’s so much available,” says Richard, “lots of different adapters for every conceivable rifle for every conceivable fitting. What I love about the system is how it’s totally modular, so it can be tailored for the individual shooter.”

Find out more at RaytradeUK.co.uk

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