Swarovski EL Range TA binoculars with rangefinder and Tracking Assistant

These are the latest, most technically advanced hunting binoculars from Swarovski, allowing you not only to range your quarry but also to ‘pin’ its location, working together with the Swarovski app on your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

That can be a game changer for planning a stalk in difficult, mountainous terrain, or locating a shot deer that’s hidden in the heather after you’ve gone back to fetch the quad bike.

Rifle shooter and deerstalker Tim Pilbeam explains “How many times have you walked across a field or hillside to look for your deer, you think you’re on it and you’re actually 100 metres in the wrong direction? You can spend an hour and a half looking for it – no more with these binoculars.”

The binoculars connect with your mobile phone to unleash the power of the Tracking Assistant

The Tracking Assistant is what really excites Tim about these binoculars, but of course they offer far more. 

It goes without saying that they have the very best optical quality, with superb Swarovski glass and the latest lens coatings. This model gives a wider field of view, too – about 10% wider than before, Tim says, which is useful when you’re scanning ground for quarry like deer.

There’s a powerful rangefinder, which is accurate from 10 to 2,000 metres. It also measures the angle of the shot, as well as temperature and air pressure. All that information can be fed into the ballistic app to give an instant calculation of how many clicks scope adjustment you need to put the shot perfectly on target.

Tim also likes the headrest which you hold against your forehead, and helps to keep the binoculars for viewing.

Features like the forehead rest make the Swarovskis a joy to use

It’s the Tracking Assistant that he is most excited about however. “I can think of many situations over my years of experience where these would have saved me so much time,” he says. “Spotting animals on the hill and going round to get in the right location for a shot, or pinpointing the coordinates of an animal you’ve shot and walking straight to it. It’s just brilliant, well done Swarovski!”

The Swarovski EL Range comes in 8×42 and 10×42 specifications. Prices start at £2,810.

Click here to watch Tim Pilbeam using the Swarovski EL Range TA on Fieldsports Britain episode 609.

Find out more at Bit.ly/swaroel

Image quality is every bit as good as you would expect, with a 10% wider field of view than before

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