Swarovski Z8i

by Charlie Jacoby

This is the scope offer from one of the big three optics companies. The Z8i is the scope to have if you don’t want the Zeiss V8 or the Leica Magnus.

With an 8x magnification, this scope takes your target from 1.7x to 13.3x. It is aimed at both short range driven hunting scope and for long ranges around 400m.

Lightweight, it has a ballistic turret with a personalised ring. You take the ballistics of your bullet – the calibre, muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient (all of these available on your box of ammo plus you can check them yourself on a range) – feed this info into the Swarovski website, pay your money, and a week later a special ring turns up for your ballistic turret in yards  or metres that you can click to match the range of your target. So your zero is spot on at 100m, you rangefind your deer at 300m, you click the turret round to 300m, and the scope will hold the zero.

The luminous dot is pre-set in two positions for day and night. You can dim it or increased in brightness via pushbuttons on the scope.

Here is Michael Ott from manufacturer Swarovski to explain the scope:


Want to see the Swarovski Z8i in action? We take it on a hind cull in Scotland:



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