Mammal = head shot / Bird = body shot

James Marchington is bringing in all kinds of birds and animals to within range of his Crosman Phantom Mk2. The lesson learned today is headshots of squirrels and rabbits, while body shots work best for magpies. now, if only the parakeets would come a bit closer… Go to for Crosman stockists in the UK. […]

Squirrel Kickstarts Panda

HotAir is the airgun news service on YouTube. The headlines this week: ☆ Squirrels target pandas ☆ Scottish lawyers give Salmond a ‘skelpit lug’ over airguns ☆ Marocchis buy MTC ☆ Baikal MP654K ‘Makarov’ Nickels fly out the door ☆ Crosman helps the Seals ☆ New central Asian sport: shooting naked Kazakhs with airguns Aiming […]

The ABC of HFT

So what is Hunter Field Target? We join HFT shooter Roger Lait on a UKAHFT shoot in Sussex to explain the sport – and find out what makes it one of the fastest-growing and most welcoming sports in the country. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 22. To watch the whole show go to […]

Tell us Tel: most important shooting lesson as a boy

Prince Charles (all right not really) asks Airgun World and Airgunner editor-in-chief Terry Doe what his most important shooting lesson was. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 22. To watch it on YouTube, go to Sign up for our weekly email newsletter

AirHeads – Fun, Friendly Airguns

AirHeads – Fun, Friendly Airguns

A packed show this week. Find out about HFT and how easy it is to get involved – Roger Lait shows us round an event in Sussex. HotAir features the squirrel that attacked the panda, as well as some less important industry information. Airgun World and Airgunner technical editor Phil Price is reviewing Hawke’s flagship […]


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