Air Rifle Range Opens

Rifleman Firearms in Somerset, UK, have opened a sparkly new airgun range. Here is how they do it. WARNING: This item includes a sweet little girl saying how much she likes shooting. This may offend people who want to ban guns. For more about the range, go to This item appears in AirHeads, episode […]

Airguns at ShotShow 2016

Airguns at ShotShow 2016

Cai ap Bryn goes to Las Vegas to the gun trade show ShotShow. He is on the look-out for new airgun kit. This film was first shown in Airheads episode 49. To watch the whole show go to

Airgun Launches – HotAir news

The headlines this week: ☆ New Air Arms bullpup ☆ Umarex innovations ☆ Remington signs with Crosman ☆ Benjamin Pioneer Airbow ☆ Squirrel nicks apple ☆ South Georgia clear of rats Aiming for accuracy – targeting the truth! This item appears in AirHeads, episode 49. To watch the show on YouTube, go to Sign […]

AirHeads – Shotgun Airgun

Shotgun, crossbow, rifle: the new three-in-one airgun. Designed by Terry Tate in the USA, it fires shotshells, airgun pellets and crossbow bolts. That’s not the only airgun innovation in AirHeads this week. Cai ap Bryn is at the ShotShow in Las Vegas to find out. And there’s more new stuff in the UK: Charlie Jacoby […]