Claysports – Britain’s Top Sporting Shots

Britain’s Top Sporting Shots – Claysports, episode 5

The British Open Sporting 2015 – see which shooters are the best in Britain. Also find out how many clay pigeons Aaron Heading can balance on his head and still shoot straight. And there is our news and previews item Round-Up. Our monthly clay pigeon shooting show – for all your clay news and needs. […]

British Open Sporting 2015

Find out what happened at the British Open Sporting 2015 – which shooters made it, who crashed out and who didn’t turn up. This item appears in Claysports, episode 5. To watch the whole show go to Sign up for our weekly email newsletter

Challenge Aaron – Balancing Act

How many clay pigeons can you balance on your head and still shoot straight? You are not allowed to break them. Find out how top shot Aaron Heading gets on in the latest Challenge Aaron. This film is sponsored by Laporte clay pigeons and traps This item appears in Claysports, episode 5. To watch […]


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