Rhino darting, with Dr Kevin Robertson

Here’s what it’s like to shoot a rhino from a helicopter. We hunters are fighting the war against poaching on every level, from government, through on-the-ground conservation programmes, to education. Southern African Wildlife College trains the professional hunters and wildlife rangers of tomorrow. Join the class as they do a rhino shooting practical, with a […]

Big Buff Hunt

It is one of the most exciting hunts you can do. African PH Clinton van Tonder takes an American client, Richard Burns, out after Cape buffalo in South Africa. Using Hornady’s Dangerous Game series of ammunition – expanding and hard bullets – they stalk into a group of these incredible animals, with the aim of […]

Fieldsports Africa – Two of the Big Five

Fieldsports Africa – Two of the Big Five

We are hunting rhinos and buffalo in this episode of #FieldsportsAfrica. Dr Kevin Robertson is after the rhino with a dart gun, as part of conservation efforts by the South African Wildlife College. We get spectacular footage from helicopters of the rhino hunt. Meanwhile, back on the ground, we are after buffalo in Limpopo Province, […]


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