Shooting driven mouflon in Germany

We are hunting mouflon near Berlin – some of the most exciting sport you can hope to enjoy. It is a driven hunt for the benefit of 70 gunshop owners from around the world, organised by Zeiss Sports Optics. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 101. To watch the whole show go to […]

Taylor’s Travels: the grey geese

Greylag and pinkfoot geese brave a 1,000-mile journey across wild seas to come to the UK every year in their hundreds of thousands. Countryside Alliance shooting director David Taylor goes to Easter Ross in the Highlands of Scotland to witness this spectacle, and to find out how shooters help conserve these birds. This item first […]

Fieldsports Britain – Driven mouflon and how to call in geese

Fieldsports Britain – Driven mouflon and how to call in geese, episode 101

Blow those hunting horns! This week we are mouflon shooting and calling geese. We are on a 25,000-acre hunting estate outside Berlin as the guests of sports optics manufacturer Zeiss enjoying driven mouflon, wild boar and deer, with all the pomp and ceremony that a top German hunting trip affords. We are also in Easter […]


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