Fieldsports Britain – Scottish stag rut and airgun safety

Fieldsports Britain – Scottish stag rut and airgun safety, episode 102

To Scotland to watch the red stag rut in the Monadhliath Hills with David Taylor of the Countryside Alliance and stalker Jimmy Irvine, star of the Highland Keeper DVDs. Then to the south of England to learn how to play a range of fox calls with Roy Lupton and to watch the definitive airgun safety […]

Taylor’s Travels: the red rut

Every autumn, Scottish stags clatter into each other and roar out their desire for their hinds. Countryside Alliance director of shooting David Taylor meets Highland keeper Jimmie Irvine on an estate in the Monadhliath Hills to watch this great natural drama play out – and learn a little about the politics of deer management in […]

Airgun shooting, safety and ownership guide by Terry Doe

Want to shoot airguns? Here are a few tips from Airgun World editor and king of the airgunners Terry Doe. It’s a useful guide for anyone whether new to the sport or a national champion! Produced by AMTA, this film shows basic air rifle safety and awareness. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode […]


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