Argo Adventure – Fallow deer, foxes and floating in a 6×6

This film has something for everyone. We kick off with a fallow stalk – then there’s a quick lesson in following a blood trail – more deer – a “conversation” with a trespassing dog walker – a successful bit of fox calling – followed by some aquatic Argo action, supposedly to retrieve the deer – […]

Fieldsports Britain – fun in an Argocat

Fieldsports Britain – fun in an Argocat  (episode 114)

Fallow deer, urban foxes, and airgunning pigeons on this week’s show. It’s a red letter day for Roy Lupton and Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam as they call in foxes in daylight and cull fallow, all with the help of Roy’s Argocat. Meanwhile, the urban fox experiment we are running is getting plenty of comments: […]


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